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12ct Graduating Tennis Necklace 3-Prong (Solid Gold)

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147 round brilliant moissanites of different carat sizes, graduating (getting larger) towards the centre. Handcrafted to perfection. Our graduating tennis necklace creates perfect symmetry and allows the necklace to weigh down at the centre naturally.  

Anti-Flip: Our unique 3 prong and graduated design ensures the necklace does not flip over when worn.


  • 14K Fine Solid Gold
  • 17” length
  • Model wears Yellow Gold
  • Top quality Moissanite: D Colour / VVS Clarity
  • 3 Prong Baskets
  • Independent jewellery identification certificate provided
  • Available Stock 

Lab Grown Diamonds are ethical, sustainable, and affordable. These are created in a lab, but 100% identical to mined diamonds. Moissanites on the other hand, is another precious stone in its own right, being one of the hardest forever gems that will not lose its sparkle over time. Both are sustainable and affordable alternatives to mined diamonds with zero compromise on quality.


    Our Materials

    Lab-Grown Diamonds & Moissanites

    While natural diamonds are mined, we only use either (1) lab-grown diamonds and (2) Moissanites.

    Lab-grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds; they are identical to mined diamonds in every way, except origin. I.e. same element (carbon), same properties, same structure, hardness, colour, and clarity. They are also cut with the same tools as mined diamonds. There's literally no difference! 

    Moissanites are precious gemstones and have very close similarities to diamonds. It is also extremely hard and can withstand daily wear. By comparison, they are harder gemstones than sapphires and emeralds and most other simulants in the market.  

    These two are a preferred choice of gemstones used in our designs - they are sustainable, ethical and affordable. Because these are created in the lab, colour grading, clarity and dispersion are on par with the highest grades of mined diamonds. In fact, they are graded in the same way. Read more in our FAQs

    Stay guilt-free with your choice of jewels, and avoid paying unnecessary cartel-markups!

    Our Coloured Gemstones: Genuine, Unheated, Ethically Lab-Grown

    We use the highest grade of Rubies, Sapphires, Alexandrites, Emeralds, Paraiba precious gemstones that were grown ethically in a lab from a natural gemstone seed. Our lab-grown precious gemstones have the same chemical composition, optics & crystal structure of those found in nature, as they were grown with similar heat and pressure parameters as natural ones. The quality of lab-grown varies and are graded and cut just like natural stones. We do not use synthetic (aka ‘imitation’), which are typically made with other components to mimic the aesthetic of a real stone. The hardness and quality of these synthetics do fall short. Such stones are widely available and low-cost.

    Handcrafted Fine Solid Gold

    We've chosen to work mainly with 14K solid gold as it provides more durability and resistance to wear and tear, compared to 18K solid gold. While 18K gold gives a bright yellow colour, 14K gives a softer champagne-like colour. We believe these characteristics suit the preference and lifestyle of modern, multi-tasking woman. Customers who prefer 18K solid gold can opt for it by enquiring separately.

    Our Packaging

    Let us know at checkout if you would like your jewelry to be boxed separately (e.g. for gifting).

    As much as possible, multiple items will be packed together either in pouches or boxes, depending on what is required for damage-free shipment. You are encouraged to join our efforts in minimizing waste. :)

    Shipping, Taxes & Duties

    International Shipping - Tax & Duties Included

    • Free domestic shipping within Singapore
    • Free international shipping to Australia, UK, USA, and Hong Kong
    • We ship from Singapore
    • We do not ship to PO Boxes

    International Tax & Duties are included

    • Australia / UK / USA / HK: For your convenience, we settle custom taxes & import duties on your behalf
    • Product list prices already include all taxes/VAT/duties
    • Customers do not need to pay additional taxes & duties upon delivery
    • Insured options available
    • Other countries: Please reach out to us for shipping options & costs

    Shipping times refer to business days:

    • USA / Australia / UK: Economy 5-30 days; Express 4-6 days
    • HK: Economy 5-30 days; Express; 1-6 days
    • Singapore: 1-3 days

    Read our shipping policy

    Frequently-Asked Questions

    Do you have a physical shop?

    We are currently a boutique online jewellery studio based in Singapore. We do not have a physical shop.

    If you need a reference, our Instagram page has more photos & videos contributed by our happy customers.

    Please reach out via social media channels, chat or email, if you would like more photos / videos of each product. We can also advise on fit, colour & sizing.

    How long will my order take?

    • Items marked "in stock" or "ready to ship" will be handed over to the courier within 4-7 days.
    • Items marked "made to order" are handcrafted specially for you, and may take up to 4-6 weeks for production during peak season. Please order only if you are ok with this.
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    • If an order contains a mix of items "in stock" and "made to order", we'll usually wait for all items in that order to be ready before sending them out in one shipment. Please separate your orders if you like them shipped separately. 

    Is it real gold?

    • Items marked "Solid Gold" in its description are from our fine jewellery collection, handcrafted with 14K or 18K solid gold. Solid gold is the most luxurious quality metal used in fine jewellery.
    • Items marked "Gold-filled" or "Sterling silver" in its description are from our demi-fine jewellery collection. Refer to our Info>FAQs for more information.
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    5-Star Client Reviews

    As a small business, we have served ~1,500 customers around the world, with >98% customer satisfaction. We are beyond grateful for every review & feedback from our beloved customers! :)