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Our Story

Perhaps you have been created for such a time as this.
- Esther 4:14


This is the story of "Lady Estere".
Lady Estere was named after a Queen Esther, as depicted in ancient biblical text.  She was described as a beautiful woman of great character – highly favoured, and who carried out her destiny with resolve, courage and loyalty. 

Our brand is about you… To the one who carries out her destiny with courage and character, you are a queen. It will be our privilege to adorn the queen in you.
We hope you will enjoy your jewellery as much as we enjoyed making it. We are a small business based in Singapore, so your kind support is appreciated.

The Lady behind
Hi! Mag here... :)
I started Lady Estere with a vision to create jewellery that is easy & very long-lasting, at accessible prices. As a working mum of two kids under 5, I understand the need for modern women to have jewellery that is "effortless".
"Effortless" jewellery needs to be easy to wear & style, and also be effortless in maintenance. Better still, something that can be worn continuously for weeks at a go. Thus, we use only high quality 1/20 14K gold-filled or solid gold, never plated.
Coming up with a name for LE was not too difficult, as I thought about what I'd like this venture to embody … I came back again and again to Queen Esther. So here's "Lady Estere" where "Estere" is a variation of the name "Esther".
Some other things about me:

  • I handmade my first jewelry more than 10 years ago as a surprise for my mum (yup, she doesn't remember). Never guessed that some day I would turn this into a business! 
  • 3 Kids in my household: Husband, and 2 more under 5.  
  • Where am I based? Singapore. 
  • Estere. Nope that's not my name. 
  • Business consultant by day, jewellery maker by night. :) 
That's it! Do we have anything in common? 
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Do stick around!