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14K & 18K Solid Gold Essentials, Moissanite & Lab-Grown Diamond Fine Jewelry

We are a boutique handcrafted-to-order online jewellery studio... Besides our eco-conscious solid gold fine jewellery collection, we also make demi-fine jewellery with tarnish-resistant gold-filled material (not plated, not vermeil). Things usually run out quickly as they are hand-made in small batches. Thank you for shopping with us!
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~Founder, Mag

5-Star Client Reviews

As a small family business, we've had the honor of serving ~1,500 clients around the world with >98% customer satisfaction. Here are the reviews from our beloved customers. :)

Renee | Diamond Station Eternity Tennis Bracelet (Solid Gold) | Lady Estere Jewellery 14K 18K Solid Gold Lab-Grown Moissanite White Yellow

Tennis Collection

Lab-Grown Diamond or Moissanite Handcrafted in Solid Karat Gold

Oval Lab Grown Emerald Halo Studs (Solid White Gold) 14K Rose Gold Round Ruby & Diamond Earrings (lab-grown) Lady Estere Jewellery 18K

Lab-Grown Coloured Gems

Precious Gemstones, but Guilt-Free
Enjoy Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, etc. handcrafted for you.


Personalized Jewellery

Gifts for a lifetime and more…


Our brand is about you...

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Lady Estere was inspired by a biblical Queen Esther - beautiful, resolute, loyal. There is such a queen in us all, and it'll be our privilege to adorn her. Read the full story here.

We've served ~1,500 clients, >98% customer satisfaction.

Reviews from our beloved clients. :)

  • Pam

    "Very user-friendly, simple and classy pieces. And yet, so convenient not to need to take them off in the shower!"

  • ML

    "So happy to find jewelry that can last long in showers yet not breaking my bank... Super love how hassle free it can be. The design is great and I love the Link Bracelet alot!"

  • Cheryl

    "The specs for minimalist and simple wearable earrings were spot on. My daughter adored this piece. From work to leisure, indeed!"