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We are a small, handcrafted-to-order jewellery studio...

...run by a mother who happens to have a passion in jewellery making. We make fine jewellery in solid gold and sustainable lab-grown gemstones. We also make demi-fine jewellery using only gold-filled (not plated, not vermeil), because nobody has time for tarnished jewellery. Things run out quickly because they are hand-made in small batches in our home-studio & off-site workshop.

~Love, Mag

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Heirlooms for the Next Generation...

Affordable goldsmithed jewels: Solid Karat Gold, Akoya Pearls
& the Finest Lab-Grown, Guilt-free Diamonds

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moissanite lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet rose gold 14k 18k lady estere sustainable ethical conflict free diamonds moissanites carats

Conflict-free, Sustainable & Lab-Grown

This is the future of fine jewellery. Solid karat gold and sustainably created diamonds that do not cost the earth, our communities and makes better sense for your wallet.

Diamond Collection
Conflict-free, Sustainable & Lab-Grown

Gifts for a Lifetime & More...

Personalized heirloom jewellery handcrafted in solid karat gold and sustainably created diamonds.

Personalized heirlooms

Our brand is about you...

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Your kind words...

Very user-friendly, simple and classy pieces. And yet, so convenient not to need to take them off in the shower!


So happy to find jewelry that can last long in showers yet not breaking my bank... Super love how hassle free it can be. The design is great and I love the Link Bracelet alot!


The specs for minimalist and simple wearable earrings were spot on. My daughter adored this piece. From work to leisure, indeed!


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