One & Only | Sapphire Toi Et Moi Ring R116T
One & Only | Sapphire Toi Et Moi Ring R116T
One & Only | Sapphire Toi Et Moi Ring R116T
One & Only | Sapphire Toi Et Moi Ring R116T

One & Only | Sapphire Toi Et Moi Ring R116T

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"Toi Et Moi" i.e. 'You & Me' is one of the most historic ring setting styles that symbolizes love stories and partnerships. We love the romantic combination of the cornflower blue sapphire (with hints of pastel) in pear cut, and a scintillating radiant cut moissanite.  

'One & Only' Collection

Features special-release single-production creations for you and you only. We're stretching ourselves to source each gemstone and design something special for it. We also use special cuts of side stones to keep things fun. We hope you enjoy each piece that was designed and created with love. 

  • Item code: R116T
  • Handpicked Precious Gemstone: Sapphire & Moissanite
  • 1.58ct, Pear Cut, Cornflower Blue Sapphire with hints of pastel, 9mm 
  • .89ct, DEF/VS Radiant Cut, Moissanite, 6mm
  • 14K Solid Rose Gold
  • One piece, instock and ready to ship
  • Crafted in size US6. 

Mining-Free, Sustainable & Lab-Grown 

Sapphires are made of corundum, emeralds and alexandrites are made of beryl, diamonds are made of carbon, and moissanites are made of silicon carbide. They are all formed both in nature (where they are mined) and in a lab (where they are harvested). 

Lab-grown gemstones are 100% identical to mined equivalents in every way, except origin. I.e. same same structure, hardness, colour, and clarity. They are also cut with the same tools. This piece of jewellery does not contain simulants (cubic zirconias). 

Moissanites are precious gemstones and have very close similarities to diamonds. It is also extremely hard and can withstand daily wear. Because of this, practically last forever, like diamonds. 

Lab-grown is sustainable, ethical and affordable. Because these are created in the lab, colour grading, clarity and dispersion are on par with the highest grades of mined equivalents. In fact, they are graded in the same way. Read more in our FAQs

Stay guilt-free with your choice of jewels, and avoid paying unnecessary cartel-markups!


Let us know if you would like your jewelry to be boxed separately. As much as possible, multiple items will be packed together. You are encouraged to join our efforts in minimizing waste. :)