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Happy 58th Birthday Singapore!

Happy 58th Birthday Singapore!

Happy 58th Birthday Singapore! 🎉 This year, I’m honored to be part of a National Day Campaign with 58 incredible women entrepreneurs, all united by our stories of #Overcoming. 💪

Life's journey is filled with challenges, but it's how we tackle them that defines our success. As I reflect on this special day, I'm reminded that taking a leap of faith is where growth truly begins. Don't let hesitation or fear hold you back from pursuing what you know is right. Yes, there might be risks, but the rewards of stepping out and seizing opportunities are immeasurable. Starting Lady Estere 2 years ago was a decision I’ll never regret. It was at times difficult to see what laid ahead. It was also a challenging managing parts of the business (like customer service and social media!) that were completely out of my skillset. But I’m glad I persevered because I’ve grown stronger and wiser from it.

Let's celebrate our nation's spirit of resilience and the power of overcoming together. Join me in embracing the unknown, counting the cost, and leaping into new adventures. Here's to courage, determination, and the limitless possibilities that await when we take that bold step forward. 🚀🌟

xo, Mag

#NationalDay58 #StepOutInFaith #EmbraceTheChallenge #CRIBxHVV #CRIBSG58 #cribovercoming

#CRIBxHVV #SG58 #CRIBovercoming

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