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Ohana | Cluster Diamond Bracelet (Solid Gold)

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Ohana means family. I learnt this word while on vacation in hawaii several years ago. The locals call each Ohana, even strangers they’ve not met. Wouldn’t the world be a much kinder place if we saw each other as family?

Yes, family may be inconvenient. But we named our Cluster Diamond Necklace Ohana because it represents a beautiful mess of different personalities learning to love and accommodate each other.

Features a family of round brilliant cut Moissanites, large and small, clustered together - ethical, sustainable, and affordable high quality precious gemstones.

Matching necklace available.  


  • 14K Fine Solid Gold 
  • Moissanite: DEF Colour / VS Clarity  
  • Length: 5.5 - 7.5" adjustable chain (sliding bead)
  • 0.5 ct (total of 9 pieces)
  • In-stock: Ships immediately
  • Made-to-order: 3-5 weeks

Handcrafted Fine Solid Gold

We've chosen to work with 14K solid gold as it provides more durability and resistance to wear and tear, compared to 18K solid gold. While 18K gold gives a bright yellow colour, 14K gives a softer champagne-like colour. We believe these characteristics suit the preference and lifestyle of modern, multi-tasking women.  

Customers who prefer 18K gold can opt for it by enquiring separately. We can make it your way. :) 

Lab-Grown Diamonds & Moissanites

While natural diamonds are mined, we only use either (1) lab-grown diamonds and (2) Moissanites.

Lab-grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds; they are identical to mined diamonds in every way, except origin. I.e. same element (carbon), same properties, same structure, hardness, colour, and clarity. They are also cut with the same tools as mined diamonds. There's literally no difference! 

Moissanites are precious gemstones and have very close similarities to diamonds. It is also extremely hard and can withstand daily wear. By comparison, they are harder gemstones than sapphires and emeralds and most other simulants in the market.  

These two are a preferred choice of gemstones used in our designs - they are sustainable, ethical and affordable. Because these are created in the lab, colour grading, clarity and dispersion are on par with the highest grades of mined diamonds. In fact, they are graded in the same way. Read more in our FAQs

Stay guilt-free with your choice of jewels, and avoid paying unnecessary cartel-markups!


Let us know if you would like your jewelry to be boxed separately. As much as possible, multiple items will be packed together. You are encouraged to join our efforts in minimizing waste. :)

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