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Shine Like Stars | Mother of Pearl Pendant (solid gold)

Shine Like Stars | Mother of Pearl Pendant (solid gold)

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A full-frame mother of pearl pendant, with shining stars filling the sky. Handcrafted in solid gold. (Optional: Comes with a thick cartier style necklace chain.)   

I recall being in a toxic work environment years ago. And I thank God He gave me the courage to remain grounded. Started to see it as my opportunity to make a difference…. It’s nothing big, but simple things like: choosing my words carefully, building up, not tearing down. Not participating in gossip, and instead changing the conversation to something more uplifting.

But to do this, I had to declare daily “Thy Kingdom come”… which means bringing in kingdom values where I was placed.

And to me, that’s a call to shine brightly where darkness prevails …

We may be thrown into unfavourable or oppressive environments, but let that bit of goodness in you shine through… to leave the place better than it was when you entered.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. - Matthew 5:16 KJV

I hope wearing this may be your daily reminder to shine brightly where darkness prevails. 
  • Genuine mother of pearl 
  • 18 CZ Diamonds
  • 15mm diameter round pendant (20mm incl bail)
  • Optional chain: 15/16/17" adjustable
  • 14K Yellow solid gold
  • In stocks: Shipped immediately
  • Made to order: 4-7 weeks

Handcrafted Fine Solid Gold

We've chosen to work with 14K solid gold as it provides more durability and resistance to wear and tear, compared to 18K solid gold. While 18K gold gives a bright yellow colour, 14K gives a softer champagne-like colour. We believe these characteristics suit the preference and lifestyle of modern, multi-tasking woman.  

Customers who prefer 18K gold can opt for it by enquiring separately. We can make it your way. :) 



Let us know if you would like your jewelry to be boxed separately. As much as possible, multiple items will be packed together. You are encouraged to join our efforts in minimizing waste. :)



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